Xiaomi Topples Samsung To Become World’s Biggest Smartphone Brand

Image courtesy Xiaomi

Xiaomi is one of the few tech companies that has been steadily and quietly climbing up the global smartphone market. Well, its efforts finally seem to have gotten to a pinnacle as the firm now leads list. According to Counterpoint Research, Xiaomi just toppled Samsung to now rank as the largest smartphone maker in the world by volume in June 2021. This is the very first time that the Chinese firm has achieved such a feat and it’s one that will have executives celebrating. This is despite how short-lived the reign is expected to be.

As reported, Xiaomi achieved a 17.1% market share for June 2021 with Samsung closely following with 15.7%. Apple came in third with 14.3%. This leap by Xiaomi has attained was thanks to a 26% month-on-month growth.

On the other hand, Samsung’s decline was heavily associated with supply constraints pushed by the market situation in Vietnam. This is also where Samsung manufactures and ships a large portion of its smartphones. Meanwhile, Xiaomi found a way to execute plans in some of the world’s largest markets including India. But as the Chinese giant rose in popularity in that market, Samsung never seemed to find an answer to resolve their issues.

However, this reign is expected to not be that long as Counterpoint states that Samsung will likely reconquer top position once all problems are solved.

Tarun Pathak, research director at Counterpoint spoke of this market movement saying: “Ever since the decline of Huawei commenced, Xiaomi has been making consistent and aggressive efforts to fill the gap created by this decline. The OEM has been expanding in Huawei’s and Honor’s legacy markets like China, Europe, Middle East and Africa. In June, Xiaomi was further helped by China, Europe and India’s recovery and Samsung’s decline due to supply constraints.”

A number of Xiaomi’s latest devices including those in the Mi 11 and Mi MIX lineups were linked to this growth. This is because they have risen in popularity in some of these large markets. So we will definitely be seeing Xiaomi make more efforts to keep the battle against Samsung for the throne.

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