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Facebook Looks To Bring Video and Voice Calls To Its Main App


Facebook is letting some users make voice and video calls within its main app. This is with an aim of making it easier to place calls without opening its standalone Messenger app.

The Facebook Messenger app was spun out from the main network years ago. This meant that all the features including sending messages and making calls had to be done on a separate app. But it finally looks like the ecosystem will be made more convenient now.

These efforts were made clear last year when the social media giant tried tying together messaging across its sister apps. This began with a link between Instagram and Messenger in September 2020. The move enabled users of each of these apps to find, message and hold video calls without having to download both apps. WhatsApp is also expected to be integrated into the mix sometime later.

However, a Facebook spokesperson did confirm that users would still need to use the Messenger app for a full-features messaging, audio and video call experience.

The Facebook main app has been going through a lot of changes and there’s definitely bound to be more coming in. This includes the Twitter-like threads feature that had begun testing about two months ago.

The feature was confirmed by the company in a statement to TechCrunch, saying that the feature is being tested for a “small group of public figures”.

As reported, the feature will involve a new View Post Thread button in order to help users figure out threaded posts in the correct order.  What is not clear yet is whether the feature will be rolling out to all users globally. The feature could be especially helpful for admins during live events, where they need a continuous series of posts.

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