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Facebook is Testing Out A Twitter-Like ‘Threads’ Feature

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Social media platforms have always had their own unique features but it now seems that everyone just wants to borrow a tip from each other’s notebook. This was made very clear with the explosive interest in live audio chat rooms that every platform seems to want now. Well, Facebook also has something else they would love to borrow from Twitter which is the Threads feature for tweets.

About four and a half years since Twitter first launched the support for posting tweets in a thread, Facebook has now begun testing a similar feature. According to a series of screenshots shared by tipster Matt Navara, users can now add another post to any previous one in order to begin a thread.

Luckily for Facebook users, they do not have to worry about character limits in a post. This is because the service reportedly allows up to 63,206 in each post which would be more than enough.

Additionally, the images shared imply that all the posts added to a thread will share the same privacy settings as the original post.

The feature was confirmed by the company in a statement to TechCrunch, saying that the feature is being tested for a “small group of public figures”.

As reported, the feature will involve a new View Post Thread button in order to help users figure out threaded posts in the correct order.  What is not clear yet is whether the feature will be rolling out to all users globally. The feature could be especially helpful for admins during live events, where they need a continuous series of posts.

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