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The Internet Cannot Handle What Lionel Messi’s New Team Will Look Like

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Any football fan around the world can now feel that the ongoing transfer season is at its peak. And what better way to mark this than having the best player in the world move join a new European football club. The window had started slowly but instantly went ablaze upon the news of the departure of Lionel Messi from his boyhood club FC Barcelona. After more than 17 years of world dominance and countless victories, the veteran was finally confirmed to be leaving the club he had hoped to retire at. However, it was not the departure that shocked the world but rather the circumstances that forced him to. After years of mismanagement of the club, FC Barcelona had reached a place where the Spanish FA would not allow Messi to register as a player for the club.

Luckily, the news is slowly cooling down but what has followed for the past few days has fans just fantasising about the amazing future that the player could have. At the time of writing this article, Lionel Messi has agreed to sign with French football club Paris Saint-Germain. It’s not the club’s name that has everyone dazed but the team that he is about to join.

He is set to join former teammate Neymar Jr. alongside young world champion Kylian Mbappe alongside a whole team full of world-class superstars. Let’s not forget that he will start playing alongside one of his oldest rivals former Real Madrid defender Sergio Ramos. So, one can just imagine the quality of football that will be in this team.

As always fans have had a lot to say about this ongoing transfer. For some, this could end up being the greatest team ever once Messi becomes a piece of the PSG puzzle.

Others see it as too good to be true as they await to see how Messi settles in with his new teammates.

This is as many others view this as a big reunion between Messi and Neymar.

PSG and the Ligue 1 French League will certainly be the ones to watch in the new 2020/2021 season as we eagerly wait to see what that team does in the UEFA Champions League as well.

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