How To Check The Government Internships and Jobs List Online

Government Internships

There are a number of government initiatives that center around the youth. The Public Service Internship Program (PISP) is one of them. Yesterday, the government announced a list of government internships for graduates and here is how to check them on line.

How To Check The Government Internships List Online

The announcement states that interested and qualified graduates are requested to make their applications online through the commission’s job portal. You can access it through either

With these websites you can check for internship opportunities, apply for jobs and even follow up on the progress of your application. The internship is to take place from September 2021 and requires graduates to:

  • Have a bachelors degree from a recognized university
  • Have graduated not earlier than 2015
  • Be proficient in computer skills
  • Be energetic and tackle new projects

They also note that the duration of the internship is 12 month and each intern will get a stipend at a rate chosen by the Public Service Commission.

For those that doubt their chances, Waswa Rodgers took his shot and got appointed. He also notes that the pay in this tweet and it might be something worth considering. The only issue would be how slow the websites are.

They take ages to open or sometimes don’t even open when you try to login to them. However, if you have the will, there will be a way.

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