Bolt Adds New Feature That Lets Drivers Access Instant Cash

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Ride-hailing firm Bolt has now introduced a new feature that allows drivers on the platform to withdraw income whenever they need it. This is part of an effort to try and stay ahead of its rivals in an industry that’s becoming increasingly competitive.

According to Bolt, the feature, dubbed Early Cash-Out, will give drivers instant access to their pay be it bonuses, passenger discounts or card payments. This is certainly bound to be a huge relief for drivers as they previously had to wait for a week to withdraw any earnings.

“We strongly believe the feature will offer our drivers convenient, faster and effortless accessibility to their earnings in real-time,” Bolt regional manager for East Africa Kenneth Micah said in a statement. “[This will], in turn, increase their productivity, workflow, and overall financial well-being.”

The feature also comes as a response to the persistent outcry from drivers to the firm for it. It is also no news that the drivers have demanded better pay as operating costs such as fuel expenses continue to rise.

This follows Bolt’s latest initiative to increase its fleet of electric vehicles by introducing new electric tuk-tuks and bikes on the platform.

According to Bolt, this action was as part of an initiative aimed at reducing the company carbon footprint while “fulfilling the demand for light, smart and green modes of transport.” The introduction of these new vehicles on the platform was also meant to help evade the fuel price crisis that has seen various ride-hailing companies on the rough end.

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