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This New Startup is Launching Transparent ‘Nothing’ Earbuds and They Look Cool


Tech always seems to find a way to fascinate me. Take for example televisions and smartphones. They used to be so big and thick with a lot of hardware powering them. Nowadays they are so thin it’s getting harder to understand how they work. All this not to mention all the new tech we have now, including wireless earbuds. So if you are like me, it’d be fun to see how these things work right? Hence the introduction of Transparent Earbuds from the Nothing startup.

Transparent Nothing Earbuds

Nothing startup

OnePlus Co-Founder Carl Pei, owner of the Nothing Startup revealed the first product, the earbuds, called Concept 1. What stands out about these buds is that they adopt an “invisible” shell that encases the internal components.

Thomas Howard, the startup’s Vice Head of Design, added:

“A transparent outer shell seemed obvious—removing the superficial decisions that designers make about colour and branding. It frees us up to think about what’s really important, which is engineering.”

The concept to me is quite the leap forward to all the movies we watched in the early 2000s, showing tech with transparent cases. They quite also resemble the DBRAND teardown skins that showcase your phone’s components as well.

Pair these together and you are suddenly living in 2030 with no design barriers and an open field of progress to cross over. I’d love to see more companies take as bold an approach as the Nothing Startup.

What do you think of them? You can watch the link here and see for your self the future in its full transparency form.

  • 3 Microphones
  • Active noise cancellation
  • 6.2 hrs. of listening time, 34 hrs. with case
  • Can charge wirelessly
  • IPX4 Rated water resistance
  • Transparency mode to hear all things around you
  • Comes with app for full customizability
  • Find my earbuds feature
  • Should cost about KES 11,000

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