Google Partners With Maliyo Games To Train Developers From Kenya

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Google’s interest in African tech talents has clearly been increasing over time and the firm is now looking to invest more in the continent’s game development industry. The tech giant has now partnered with Nigerian based game development studio Maliyo Games to open applications for a mobile game developer training program.

Dubbed GameUp Bootcamp, the program will take up anyone interested in Kenya, Ghana and Nigeria. The application window is currently open running up to August 2. According to Maliyo Games, the program will offer developers access to mentorship and relevant tools needed to build a career in game development. Those finally selected will go through virtual training from August 16 to December 23.

The training program will include three levels namely Game Development Fundamentals, Succeed on the Play Store, and Publish Your First Game. Moving from to the next level will depend on the successful completion of the previous one.

Who is Eligible?

To apply, one has to:

  1. Live in Nigeria, Ghana or Kenya.
  2. Have a basic background in programming languages like C#, C++ and PHP.
  3. Have their own personal computer.
  4. Be available for the program that commences on August 16.

The program will select participants based on competence, commitment and creativity.

How To Apply

The application process will involve two stages before qualifying for the final list.

  1. Filling the online application form on the company website.
  2. Those shortlisted will then be required to go through a C# (a core language for game developers) assessment. This is so that they can demonstrate their competence in the language. This is scheduled to take place on August 9.

According to Maliyo Games, the program is curriculum-based and is designed to get the best prospective hires who will then be allowed into the company.

“We actually launched this program because, as a game development studio, we are constantly looking for talented individuals to join our team. And because of a lack of structured education system that produces competent game developers in Nigeria, we made the decision last year to launch an in-house program that will enable us to train individuals who are interested in becoming game developers,” states Hugo Obi, Maliyo Games’ Founder.

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