Google Adds App and Web History Auto-delete Feature, For iOS

Image courtesy Apple Insider

Google has rolled out its new privacy feature that allows users to quickly delete their last 15 minutes of saved search history. Ironically though, the feature is currently available in the Google app for iOS. Don’t worry Android fans, the feature is set to roll out to your devices later this year.

The feature that was initially announced at Google I/O in May is designed to protect one’s web and app activity. This is especially useful for those that tend to share their devices with other people. It now means that you won’t have to do all the extra work of having to manually delete your recent search history. You should think of its as an emergency button for embarrassing or just plain private searches.

The tech giant shared announced in a recent blog post that this new privacy option that deletes search history for the last 15 minutes in the app. The option can be found in the Google app on iOS by tapping on your profile.

The feature joins the ability to have Search history (Web & App Activity) automatically delete every 3, 18, or 36 months. The options are set to 18 months by default although you can change it on the app. This is by simply tapping on your profile icon and then Search history. Here you should see the Auto-delete feature wherein you can select the duration.

Google added by officially announcing the ability to lock the My Activity page behind extra sign-in verification with one’s credentials. This is so that users of shared devices do not have wide latitude on your personal information.

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