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Twitter Users Can Now Change Who Gets To Reply To Their Tweets


Twitter has gradually been introducing a number of changes meant to give users more control over the tweets they post. This began with the ability to choose how others reply. Then came the ability to manage who can reply to one’s tweets.

The social network is now adding a new feature that allows you to make sure your reply section is as friendly as you wish. Users will now be able to change who gets to reply to their tweets. This is even after they’ve already posted them. All one is required to do is tap on the ellipsis button located at the top right corner of the post. An option saying “Change who can reply” will then pop up that you can choose.

Improving Public Conversation

This new feature can be seen as part of the platform’s efforts to “increase the health of public conversation.” This is an agenda that Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has previously described as the company’s singular objective. There is definitely a lot more to be done as toxic behaviour is still a huge problem on the site. Recent occurrences including the reaction to Euro 2020 final have proven it.

This move is also likely one more step to the edit button that users have requested for years. However, it has been clear for a long time now that the firm is not in a hurry to bring this feature.

Twitter took its reply-limiting feature out of the beta test phase in August last year giving access to all users. Since then, users have been able to easily choose who replies to them based on just three options. They include everyone, people you follow and people you mention. This new feature will give you more control over the replies rolling out under the posted tweet.

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