CallPesa Adds New Feature That Prompts Clients To Pay Before Calling


On-demand billable call app CallPesa announced the introduction of a new app that allows users to “pay-wall” incoming calls. This ensures clients only call you once they pay a certain rate defined by you.

The feature is designed to work similarly to Caller ID. The only difference is that instead of identifying who is calling, it shows you whether the caller has prepaid your rate. If not, the app will send your payment terms to them as an SMS, if the caller does not have the app installed. Those who have the CallPesa app will receive the message through a pop-up notification.

This prompt comes with a payment link with several payment options including mobile money and card. Once the caller agrees to your terms, you can then engage professionally.

This new feature is open to all our subscription plans. We charge 15%, and you get to keep 85%. Payouts are made weekly,” says CallPesa.

CallPesa is a Kenyan-made Android app that allows anyone to designate a contact or a caller as a client. This makes it easier for the user to easily charge their clients based on their rating without having to ask for the fees separately.

As stated in our full-on review of the app, it offers a 7-day full feature trial version but to continue after this you have to pay for a certain package specific to your needs.

The starter pack costs about KES 1500 per month and the professional pack costs KES 2000 a month. Nevertheless, in comparison to the money the app might help you make, it seems worth the sacrifice.

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