Google is Reportedly Working on A ‘Find My Device’ Feature For Android

Find My Device

Long story short, a string of code associated with a network for “find my Android device” has been reportedly found in the latest version of the Google Play Services app. According to sources, the company could be working on device-locating network functionality.

For many, this is not new as it is looking to be similar to Apple’s ‘Find My’ network.  For now, the APK teardowns show the features coming in future updates. Also, Google has officially not shared any details on this functionality. This means that it may not come to Android or it may have a different set of features if it does arrive.

Find My Device: The Google Way

Currently, to find your device on Android should you ever lose it, you can log in to the find my device website and Google will do the rest. If it is on, it will show where it is, what WiFi it is using and even the battery percentage.

To locate it physically, Google will play a sound on the device to let you know exactly where it is. If you can’t find it you can lock the device or erase it completely.

According to XDA Developers, the description for the first code states, “Allows your phone to help locate your and other people’s devices.” Moreover, the description for the second code states “Find My Device network.” This clearly indicates a find my device network system for Android similar to Apple’s own Find My service.

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