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Twitter Looks To Add New Ways To React To Tweets

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Twitter seems on a roll with a bunch of new features recently. For example the rollout of larger pictures, the audio-based Spaces feature, tests of a tip jar feature and rumours of a premium subscription. The company is now looking at ways they can better your Twitter experience by adding ways to react to tweets.

Twitter: New Ways To React To Tweets

As noted by app researcher, Jane Manchun Wong, Twitter is looking to make your experience a little bit more defined. In the tweet below, Jane shows some of the ideas the social media giant is looking to implement.

As you can see, they kind of resemble Facebook reactions but with their own difference. They add a thinking emoji and a cheers emoji to the mix. There’s no angry emoji and I assume it’s because Twitter already has so much hate, no need to add that.

Twitter has been toying around with the idea seeing as they did a survey a while back showing users would actually prefer reactions. We are not too sure when this will finally come to us but I personally would not mind it either.

I’m not sure what the problem is just having a regular like button but the power to the people who want to overly express themselves.

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