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Amazon Web Worker Scammer Arrested By Kenya Police

Amazon Web Worker

Like all other scandalous schemes, Amazon Web Worker is no different by definition of its operations. this weekend saw many Kenyans left in a daze after the app suddenly disappeared from Google Play Store. Now, A suspect that is believed to have obtained millions from Kenyans was arrested yesterday.

Amazon Web Worker Arrested

The DCI caught the fraudulent schemer at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport as she arrived from the U.S. Detectives managed to link Stacey to the syndicate after investigations revealed that she had pay-bill accounts in her name.

Having a balance of KES 50 Million raised eyebrows. These are believed to be deposits made by the unsuspecting victims. Stacey is in Police custody pending arraignment in court, on charges of

  1. Money Laundering
  2. Computer Fraud

Here’s How The Scheme Works

The scammers are duping Kenyans into investing their money in an online app known as Amazon Web Worker. They go ahead to promise you huge profits of up to 38% for a deposit lasting only 7 days.

There were a lot of advertisements on social media luring many Kenyans down this hole. In one such ad, investors depositing KES 100,000 would get KES 351,000 after 30 days.

All you need is a successful application to register your personal details. This includes full names, M-Pesa account details & mobile phone numbers in the online app.

Many Kenyans downloaded the app, registered and made their deposits. Some referred their spouses, children and close friends to the scheme, in a bid to make a fortune overnight.

App Goes Missing

It all went to hell when the app was deleted from the PlayStore without prior notice. Upon further research, it is now known that the app has no link to Amazon. The app is nowhere to be found which still has deposits worth hundreds of millions of shillings from gullible investors.

My Ksh 21,000 is gone. I joined after taking a loan and subscribed to level 5. I have lost all my money and I do not know where to begin,” one victim exclaimed.

Some of the crestfallen investors are now calling to the DCI headquarters to seek assistance from detectives. For now, the Serious Crimes Detectives are pursuing other suspects. Meanwhile,

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