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Ponzi Scheme Amazon Web Worker Disappears Leaving Kenyans in Huge Losses

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This would certainly not be the first time that we have covered schemes labelled as reliable businesses vanishing without a trace and leaving hundreds if not thousands of Kenyans stranded. And like all other scandalous schemes, Amazon Web Worker was no different in the way it operated. Perhaps you might say it’s the fact that it used the name “Amazon” that is quite famous that the individuals in charge managed to get millions of shillings from Kenyans all in the name of “online jobs”.

As it stands, there were many people who were skeptical of Amazon Web Worker from the get-go and had warned Kenyans about it since it launched. This includes TechSpaceKe that had covered it about a month ago terming it as nothing but an outright scam.

” The quick and fast answer is Amazon Web Worker is a Scam. It has all the characteristics of a Ponzi Scheme just like Live Auction, Public Likes, and the rest.” the coverage read.

Well, this weekend saw many Kenyans left in a daze after the Amazon Web Worker app suddenly disappeared from Google Play Store and stopped functioning on users’ devices. Like we guessed before, the app’s publishers had been claiming to be an affiliate of the e-commerce platform Amazon which they clearly weren’t. This is evident through the fact that they weren’t even listed on Amazon and the app wasn’t registered by Amazon Mobile LLC. So, you can clearly tell that there were already so many clues that directed to the scam.

One individual had “invested” KES 10,000 while others had deposited a total of up to KES 300,000 in the app. There is no telling how much the scammers really got away with but one can tell that they are balling right now.

The scheme offered various subscription packages that people could pay for based on what they can afford. Those who got to sign up were then able to earn money by completing different tasks as well as referring others to the platform.

Amazon web worker

A screenshot of the Amazon Web Worker App that has since been deleted. /TWITTER

For all the dedication, this sudden shutdown definitely hit many straight in the gut having to lose money during this financial climate. So what best place to air your complaints and shock other than on social media?

“My Ksh 21,000 is gone. I joined after taking a loan and subscribed to level 5. I have lost all my money and I do not know where to begin,” one victim exclaimed.

Another individual even managed to convince his whole family to invest with them. “I put in Ksh50,000 and I had registered all the family members including my parents who are now on my neck on where their money went,” the user lamented on Facebook.

Oh, you should also know that all the social media accounts belonging to Amazon Web Worker are all gone as well.

There is still no word from the authorities yet in response to the many complaints from Kenyans online.

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  1. Let’s not run around the bush. LUCY WANGITHI & SILUS MUDOGO to be held accountable. This government eats his own people. Their contact +254 713 564490,+254 768 413712

  2. Y safaricom confirms AWW when the deal is done? Safaricom doubts being casted on your integrity.

  3. safaricom company should tell us about this app

  4. We’ve no one to blame but ourselves why think u can make quick cash doing nothing?? Wake up and work hard there is no shortcut to riches. After all kenyans never learn after public likes or whatever they called themselves you still want to throw your hard earned cash down the drain? How do u even take a loan to invest in an app? Are u even serious? Come on people before falling for such things do ur research.

  5. Pls safaricom tell us what is going on

  6. Safaricom to make follow up Kenyan are stressed about this AWW

  7. what is going on about the app. the doz of amazon is stressful hakika.Yan their plan is just to dissapear away leaving kenya,s backrupt

  8. Kenyan government could have stop safaricom from all mobile transactions in Kenya.ili watuambie ukweli kuhusu hii AWW coz they know all the acounts and the bank amazon used to operate with

  9. Safaricom wanajua hawa watu

  10. Government could have stop safaricom not to work before telling Kenyan the truth

  11. Kenyans why do you risk with lots of money on something you are not sure of?, Anyway safaricom has to tell kenyans the truth about that scam. My advice is that let us learn that in this world nothing is for free and we should also look before you leap.

  12. I lost I was about to build a house but first i deposted,with this safaricom must know the culprit give us a quick solution what’s going on,the way we trusted safaricom now its a big mess in history,you throw way your trust from hard struggle poor people tell us before it enders in parliament!!!!!!!.

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