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Twitter Confirms New ‘Blue’ Subscription Service


After months of rumours, Twitter has officially confirmed the imminent launch of its new subscription service after listing it as an in-app purchase. Dubbed “Twitter Blue”, the feature is set to cost users around $2.99 (roughly KES 320).

However, Twitter has not given any further details about the service. So, it is still not clear whether this service will finally allow users to “undo” tweets. This comes from previous reports claiming that Twitter has been working on special features for paid subscribers.

Despite the blurry information, it is inevitable that spending extra coins will have some benefits that free users don’t get to enjoy. This could include access to exclusive content from various creators and influencers.

Although “Twitter Blue” has been listed on app stores, it isn’t yet fully activated for users. That is only a matter of time before the social network rolls it out whether it be in full version or for beta testing.

Jane Manchun Wong, a tech blogger who claims to be the first paying user of the service, it indeed includes an “undo tweet” feature. This is alongside a “reader mode” designed to make reading long threads easier. Unfortunately, Twitter declined to confirm her claims.

According to Twitter, the main aim to increase “revenue durability”. The firm also intends to continue developing and experimenting with other ways to “diversify its revenues beyond advertising this year and further ahead.”

Other than “Twitter Blue”, the social network has also been developing a new “tip jar” feature that allows users to send money to others on the social network. This is aimed at enabling users to show their support towards their favourite influencers and content creators.

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