Safaricom Launch New Video Streaming Platform; Baze


Today, at the Michael Joseph Centre, Safaricom officially launched their new digital streaming platform, Baze.

Baze: Safaricom Streaming Platform

The platform is set to have content from Kenya’s best creators. At the start of the event, Safaricom took us through the evolution of content creation and viewership. All the way from radios in 1980 to smartphones and iPads we use today.

The platform seeks to bring content to Kenyans by Kenyans for Kenyans. They aim to make it cheap enough for Kenyans but still be able to monetize it for the creators.

How To Access Baze

The service will be accessible via *544*55# or This gives customers the convenience of accessing a vast collection of video content, including first-run exclusives, on their smartphones.

To initiate this, Safaricom is adding an all day pass bundle for its users. By dialing *544*55# you can subscribe to either

  • 10 bob bundle – all day pass
  • 20 bob bundle – all day pass + 200mb

Speaking at the event, Sylvia Mulinge notes that the launch of Baze stems all the way from the days of Skiza (the music streaming platform). She notes that Skiza had its ups and downs and Baze will not be perfect either.

“The new service will offer customers a wide variety of video content and provide content creators an additional platform to monetize their content. We are looking to get the best forms of monetisation for creators and to give users a worry free experience when using the platform.” Sylvia Mulinge.

Safaricom also notes that creators will get a 60% share of the earnings and Safaricom will get 40%.

Following the launch, Sylvia Mulinge announced that there will be a brand new Kenyan action drama.

“As we launch BAZE, we are also pleased to announce that the platform will host new content not seen anywhere including a brand-new Kenyan action drama, Mission to Rescue which will be available exclusively on BAZE for 3 months before being unveiled anywhere else”, added Ms. Mulinge.

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  1. This is interestingly unique,and what a great way to bring out creative talent that has been hiding or not heard about.I believe this is an opportunity for many creative individuals including myself out there,basically joining forces with creative minds.

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