Uber Raises Rides and Delivery Fares in Kenya After Driver Protests

Uber Fares

In response to demand by drivers for a higher share of commission, Uber Technologies Inc. has raised fares in Nigeria and Kenya to compensate for the increased cost of operations.

Uber Fares Increase in Kenya and Other African Countries

The protests began this week with both Bolt and Uber drivers complaining about low compensation fees from the companies. Most note that the rides keep getting cheaper or stagnate while fuel prices soar higher.

This did not sit well with the drivers hence the sudden protest but it seems that Uber is listening and they are making a substantial change in their fares in Kenya and Nigeria.

According to an email sent to drivers by Uber, the new fares are effective from Tuesday in Nigeria. No confirmation as to when they will take effect in Kenya. Lorraine Onduru, the spokesperson for Uber East and West Africa, believes that this small increase will still make it possible for riders to access affordable transport. All whilst providing better earnings for driver-partners.

Fare Rise

The ride-hailing firm raised prices on its

  1. UberX platform by 13% inĀ  Lagos,
  2. 20% increase in prices in Abuja
  3. In Kenya, it added
    1. 15% on its motorcycle-ride and delivery services
    2. Additional 3 Kenyan shillings per kilometer for riders on low-cost ChapChap

The price change might seem low but based on the Kilometers you travel for, the change should be significant enough for drivers to appreciate the change. As a driver do you think this is a good move? As a rider, do you think the change majorly affects you in any way?

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