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Twitter Launches New Professional Profiles For Creators and Businesses


Twitter is looking for new ways to entice users, especially creators and businesses. This time, they’ve taken a step to change the layout by introducing Twitter Professional Business Profiles. Let’s take a look at what that’s all about. 

Twitter Professional Profiles

Twitter says the Professional Profiles are a new tool that will allow businesses, non-profits, publishers, and creators to display specific information about their business directly on their profile.

The new profile looks to introduce

  1.  Maps and directions.
  2. Contacts button, for calls and emails
  3. An about page and much more

Theres not a lot of information yet but that’s because they are still seeking suggestions to get the best for businesses. In a nutshell it might look like Facebook/LinkedIn business pages.

They’ll probably have more information on the business at the start before you see any of their tweets. Could this mean Twitter shops at some point? Let’s wait and see.

When is it coming?

Well, according to the company, they’re starting with a small pool of businesses in the U.S. After this, they will give more accounts access to Professional Profiles in the coming months.

Is this something you’d like for you business and what would you like to see on the pages?

I’d personally like to see a gallery. Sounds like Instagram but yeah. Just a gallery with the products or app features of whatever you’re marketing. Might come in handy for users looking to quickly buy something.

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