Netflix Makes It Easier To Entertain Your Kids With New Interface


If you have kids, you know that entertaining them is one of the hardest things to do. Fortunately, thanks to content providers like YouTube and Netflix, you can keep kids distracted for longer.

In a recent update, Netflix is making this a bit easier. The company has changed its Kids profiles to make it easier for children to easily find their favorite shows and characters right from the home screen.

Netflix Kids Interface Changes

Until now, the kid’s profile interface was not very different from adult profiles. The top rows showed all the trending shows, along with other suggested content.

As we know, that’s not the most appealing sight for kids. They love colours, pictures and their favourite shows. So Netflix has taken this into consideration.

Now, with the new changes, kids will see a row of their most-watched shows on the home screen. This is also alongside popular characters from those shows appearing right above the title boxes.

How it works

Netflix customizes the favorites row for each kid using their

  1. Watch history
  2. Titles that feature. These come from its full catalog, not just original programming.

The new changes are bound to make children that bit more excited to watch their favourite shows.

Adding characters, couloirs and watch history should keep them distracted long enough for you to finish all your chores.

Also, you probably don’t have to listen to Baby shark again. So, win win.

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