Netflix Introduces TikTok-Style Short Clips For Quick Comedy Content

Image courtesy Netflix

Short clips seem to be a frenzy for everyone and Netflix is not hiding from the urge to bring in a feature of its own to the platform. The streaming service is currently experimenting with a new way to introduce comedy content without making users watch an entire series or movie.

The company actually took to its official blog to announce that the new feature, dubbed “Fast laughs” is on iOS with plans to release it soon on Android.

Fast Laughs is a short-clip feature that is meant to deliver up funny content from across its selection of available content. Whether its a series or movie, the platform will have some of the latest content introduced in a TikTok-style video to act as teasers. Of course, this includes clips from stand-up comedy specials.

According to Netflix, the main aim is to give users something to laugh about But it also wants to provide an easy way for viewers to both rediscover old favourites and also find new ones in the genre.

The feature has been added as a button on the main navigation bar. Users will have to tap on the smiley-face-shaped icon to start a run of clips. The videos run one after the other without forcing you to swipe. From those clips, users can also choose to add shows or movies to their watch list or play the entire thing immediately.

Regardless, of which platform users choose though, it is not entirely clear whether this content is going to be appropriate for all audiences. this is mainly because stuff like stand-up shows can be a little vulgar than expected. So, you might want to make sure that your kids don’t access the feature and stumble on some inappropriate Fast Laughs content.

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