Spotify Rolls Out New Feature To Create Better Playlists Than Daily Mixes

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Spotify has launched a new feature that brings in a family of personalised playlists consisting of songs that you already like and other related soundtracks. Dubbed Spotify Mixes, the feature is based on an algorithm that works out the playlists based on your favourite artists, genres, or music decades. The feature has started rolling out globally for both free and premium Spotify subscribers.

The audio streaming service already offers a similar feature called Daily Mixes that appears in the same “Made for You” section. However, Daily Mixes makes it a little harder to work out the unifying theme of each playlist based on their vague names like “Daily Mix 1” and “Daily Mix 2.”

Spotify Mixes is meant to change all that by being much clearer. This was even teased by the marketing image released by Spotify showing lists with names like “Pop Mix,” “2000s Mix” and “Drake Mix.” Hopefully, this will make it easier for users.

According to Spotify, each Mix category will include multiple playlists, and they’ll update “frequently” to stop your listening from getting stale. Once available, you should be able to find them within “Search” in the “Made For You” hub.

The platform has been making a couple of changes meant to make it much more convenient for users across the globe. This includes a new Home Interface that is designed to offer subscribers an even more personalised experience.

In a blog post announcing this, Spotify states, “We’re constantly working on ways to improve our user experience. Through this latest update, we’ll be rolling out several advancements on the mobile Home hub designed to make finding the audio you love easier and more intuitive.”

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