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Twitter Plans On Launching Facebook-style Emoji Reactions

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Despite the numerous positive changes that Twitter has been making lately, this will probably be the least used. The social network is now looking to add Facebook-style emoji reactions, a feature that the company has reportedly been surveying users about for the past month.

As per the screenshots of the survey shared by a Twitter user, the proposed emoji reactions could include the basics. This includes a laughing face with tears, a thinking face, a crying face and maybe some spicier options like the shocked, angry and fire face emojis.

This was also hinted at by a Twitter spokesperson who said, “We’re exploring additional ways for people to express themselves in conversations happening on Twitter.”

According to the spokesperson, Twitter’s research is still in its premature stages. They also added that the emojis would exist in addition to the current “heart” button, rather than replacing it.

All this was reiterated by Twitter’s design chief who indicated that such features might be coming soon in a series of tweets.

This new feature is definitely not that new since we have seen it’s been existing on Facebook for years.

As mentioned earlier. Twitter has been going through a few changes that the company hopes to help make it a more interactive site.

Among the updates includes the introduction of Spaces. The feature was introduced as a competitor to iOS-based Clubhouse that rose to popularity after appearances from tech moguls like Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg.

Twitter started rolling out Spaces for Android users but those are limited as they cannot host chat rooms. The social network was quick enough though to address the issue and assure users that the limitations will be gotten rid of soon.

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