Apple Fined KES 200 Mn For Shipping iPhone 12 Without Chargers

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The idea of Apple packing the iPhone 12 without a charger was one that the whole industry seemed to accept quite positively. This is most evident through the actions that other firms also took to follow suit. Plus, the explanation that Apple gave about this being part of environmental conservation seemed to be pretty good and reasonable.

However, one country doesn’t seem to buy into this idea at all. The Brazilian state of São Paulo wasn’t happy about this to the point of fining the American company nearly $1.92 million. This is all just for deciding to remove the power adapter from the iPhone 12 lineup and newer production runs of older iPhones. As reported by MacRumorsthis move was seen as a violation of the country’s Consumer Defense Code.

The Brazilian consumer protection agency Procon-SP had warned Apple about the alleged violation in December 2020. Apple went on to stand by ts environmental angle, arguing that it would help reduce its carbon footprint. The tech giant also noted that the majority of its customer already had chargers from previous models.

This answer clearly never satisfied the agency thus fining the iPhone-maker. While issuing the fine, Procon-SP executive director Fernando Capez told Apple that it needed to respect Brazilian law.

The fine is also meant to cover another violation where Apple was accused to have declined repairing iPhones that had suffered water damage. This is despite touting the devices’ ability to survive immersion for extended periods.

Luckily for Apple, this decision isn’t final since they can appeal the fine in Brazil. The fine is comparatively small and is not expected to dent the firm’s finances in any way. But it is definitely something Apple wouldn’t want to drag its image on the ground.

Other firms have had to bow to similar pressure in Brazil in order to avoid the fine. Samsung, for example, had to strike a deal with Procon-SP to bundle a “gift” charger with Galaxy S21 pre-orders.

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