LG Integrates UVnano Tech In Its Earbuds and PuriCare Mask To Kill Bacteria

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It is no news by now that the world requires everyone to be as safe as possible amid the ongoing pandemic. This safety is guaranteed for those who do their best to keep safe by guarding themselves against any kind of bacterial and viral infections.

The World Health Organisation defines ambient air pollution as potentially harmful pollutants emitted by industries, households and vehicles. with fine particulate matter considered the most dangerous. Contamination has also been proven to be caused by something as basic as our everyday devices. So, why not have gadgets that literally clean themselves.

Late last year, LG launched new wearable and non-wearable devices integrated with UVnano technology to enhance safety in one’s social space.

This tech was developed by LG to combine comfort while also promising safety as you conduct your daily activities. The tech was built into the company’s PuriCare smart mask to offer users maximum protection from inhaling air contaminated by viruses. The mask is also equipped with a Total Allergen Removal Filter that enhances safety even further.

LG Puricare1

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This wearable air purifier is built as an easy maintenance protective kit that can be cleaned for re-use by simply putting in a case using UV-C LED light to destroy harmful microbes.

Other beneficiaries of this unique tech are also owners of the firm’s latest wireless earbuds, LG Tone Free. The UVnano LED tech cleans the buds, rhyming well with an active and healthy lifestyle outdoors.

LG Tone Free Earbuds

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“Wearing earbuds for long has been shown to increase the risk of ear infection by obstructing wax. Earbuds also provide a good environment for bacteria and other microbes to accumulate. To prevent painful ear infections, one is advised to regularly sanitise earbuds,” says LG Electronics.

Additionally, the earbuds are able to last for up to six hours on a single charge which is decent enough for buds that literally help kill bacteria.

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