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As the automotive industry grows in Kenya, we have a rise in demand for local content when it comes to cars in general. Be it car reviews, feature videos, or simply random stuff about cars in Kenya, we have seen a number of content creators rise to meet the needs of the people.

While the car reviews industry is still in its infancy, facing challenges that the rest of the world did years ago, we have observed resilience among the stakeholders even as the would-be founding fathers seem to have been swallowed by newcomers who are producing content that’s just more appealing.

That said, here’s a list of car reviews and features YouTube channels in Kenya:

Cars With Big Boy Trev 

This car show was birthed with the collaboration of Big Boy Trev (Trevor Lamenya) and Mwirigi aka Robert Kunga. The show started on TV, KTN to be precise but also has an active YouTube channel where all their content is shared as well.

CBBTV takes the approach of a more professional car show with a huge focus on the brand new market segment in Kenya. Due to its nature, it meant that the show only appeals to a smaller group of people, locking out the majority of buyers whose idea of a new car is one with 7 years of road experience.

The merits of the show are that you get to experience brand new cars that we would otherwise only see through large windows along Mombasa road. Mwirigi and Trev also know their stuff and their way of working together delivers a show that’s quite informative and entertaining.

Cheki Kenya

You know this brand because you have probably visited their platform in search of a car. Arguably Kenya’s largest car marketplace, Cheki also runs a YouTube channel which, when they are not promoting themselves, posts content that’s quite informative. From basic car features to lists and mechanical knowledge, Cheki is a good place to check out once in a while.

Daimlar Motorsports Kenya (MK)

While it seems that the channel has stagnated after losing its star presenter Edwin Gaitho to a new channel (more on that later), during its run, it was the best-produced car reviews channel in Kenya. The video quality was like nothing we had seen before, even rivaling the assumably deeper pockets of CBBTV.

Due to a lack of commercial interest (as far as we can tell), Edwin Gaitho’s reviews were blatantly honest, touching on all positives and negatives. As much as the production quality and delivery was top-notch, MK focused more on performance car and the occasional luxury cars – we’re guessing that’s what they had access to, which also left the gap of the more accessible “common mwananchi” cars unfilled.

Electric Drive Africa

You didn’t expect an electric car channel in Kenya now did you? While there are countable electric cars in the market, Electric Car Africa has taken their passion for renewable energy and created content around the few eCars that we have around. The channel has featured an eGolf as well as a Tesla that roam the streets of Nairobi.

However, don’t get too excited. The production and delivery is quite wanting, leaving viewers yearning for more information, as little is delivered than what is promised in the title. Also, they don’t really do reviews, it’s more of a showcase – which is a trend we shall see more of. Despite all this, it’s really encouraging to see a team working on showcasing electric cars and associated technologies in Kenya.

Magari Car Reviews

I bet you have probably never come across this channel. Well, it is one you should pay attention to. The channel focuses on the local mwananchi cars, so the likes of the now-popular Mazda CX-5, Nissan X-TRail, and even the old generation Rav4.

Yes, the channel is pretty young, only 7 months but the content uploaded so far seems to resonate well with its target audience. The production quality is also better than what we have seen from more established channels, the host knows his stuff and presentation skills are quite impressive and our hope is that the person behind this channel will keep going!

Mascardi Luxury Cars

Remember Edwin Gaitho? Well, he found a new home with Mascardi. While the channel is owned and produced by car seller Mascardi Luxury Cars, the production quality is really good. The videos are professionally shot and the presenters, yes, I say presenters because Ms. Nyawira is part of the team delivering content on this channel, are knowledgeable and articulate.

It’s hard not to fall in love with Mascardi’s content until you realize that due to the nature of the channel (owned by a dealer), the videos aren’t really reviews but rather features of the cars in stock. Either way, you will enjoy what your eyes get to see.

MasaiGainz On Cars

If you are really into consuming car content as entertainment, then you will really like what MaasaiGains is doing. He approaches his videos in a vlog-style manner, showcasing his experiences with his car(s) and experiences with cars he comes across including a few reviews here and there.

His channel is not really where you go to look for car reviews and things along those lines, like we said, this is a channel that you follow because you simply enjoy taking-in car content – including watching panel beating and paint drying  – okay, just kidding.

Mchuma Reviews

Another channel that offers comprehensive reviews with a touch of Kenyanisation. Mchuma Reviews is presented by journalist and car enthusiast Mark Mchuma but occasionally, we do have guest hosts who breathe a new kind of life to the channel.

The best thing about Mchuma Reviews is that they review everything including a Nissan Note. Their style is authentic and I would say they do not struggle with delivery neither do they try too much.

Kazim Mohammedali

If you are a Mercedes-Benz fanboy like myself, this is a channel that you will definitely enjoy. What the channel lacks in variety, is made up for by having comprehensive walk-throughs and test drives of various brand new Mercedes-Benz models available in Kenya.

Kazim, who works at DT Dobie, has used his access to give a wider audience a glimpse into the world of the three-pointed star. While we would have loved to see a variety of content from Kazim, we do understand that he can only showcase what is being sold in Kenya. The biggest downside, however, is the production quality which we will forgive as this is a one-man show.

My Moti Car Show

My Moti Car show is one that’s pretty exciting and not just because it’s hosted by a lady, Mulayi Muni, who so lively while breaking down whatever car she has for review but Mulayi pays attention to small details that most petrol heads ignore – things like the headlight design and even how stylish the turn signals are. If you are looking for a comprehensive review that goes beyond the engine and driving experience, My Moti Car Show will most likely tickle your fancy.

Keep in mind that the channel is relatively new, hence there isn’t that much content but Mulayi seems consistent enough and in no time, she will have more than enough reviews under her umbrella.


Shift Gang 254

What started as an enthusiast car group morphed into a reviews channel that we can confidently say has the largest selection of reviews on cars from different segments. From the usual performance cars to the most sort-after SUVs and your average cars on the road, thanks to ShiftGang’s access you will probably find a review of a car you are eyeing on this channel.

However, the channel’s biggest undoing is its lower-than-average production quality. The presenters seem to know their stuff but delivery is a challenge and in an age where everything is global, the Shift Gang team should work on delivering better quality to their audience.

With that said, if there’s any car reviews channel in Kenya that you think we have missed, let us know in the comments section down below.

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