You Can Now Trade In Your Old Samsung Phone for The S21 in Kenya

samsung galaxy S21
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Hear ye, hear ye! Since we wrote about Samsung letting you buy their Flagships on “hire purchase” this new announcement is the closest we have got to that. If you are interested in buying the latest Galaxy S21, Samsung is now letting you trade-in with your old smartphone.

First of all, let us hit you with a little reminder of how much the new smartphones cost as of now:

  • Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra (512GB) – KES 170,000
  • Galaxy S21 Ultra (256GB) – KES 154,000
  • Galaxy S21+ – KES 125,000
  • Samsung Galaxy S21 (256GB)  – KES 106,000
  • The Samsung Galaxy S21 (128GB) – KES 100,000

Whew! For some people, that’s quite a hefty price. That’s why Samsung is taking this leap in Kenya to let you trade-in your older phones.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Trade In

There are a few things you need to note however before you jump into this carriage.

Devices you can trade-in
  1. The phone you are trading in the S21 for must belong to either one of Samsung’s high-end smartphone lineups. This is either the Galaxy S series or Galaxy Note series.
  2. There are some lucky A series owners though. Those who purchased or own the Samsung Galaxy A80 can trade in their devices for any of the newest Samsung devices.
Let’s Talk Money

Samsung says that it will be offering cash discounts of up to only KES 28,000. The valuation of your phone is based on how well you kept your phone and how old it is. This in turn probably means that only the Galaxy S20 and Note 20 series will get close to that figure.

If you still have the Note 8 or higher you can try your luck and you might get ten or fifteen thousand off your phone.

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