WhatsApp Plans To Add Encrypted Chat Backups for Google Drive and iCloud

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WhatsApp is reportedly planning on bringing password-protected and encrypted chat backups for iCloud and Google Drive. The update, which is said to be under development, will allow users to keep their WhatsApp chat backups protected from breach via a password.

Currently, users only have the chats on their phones end-to-end encrypted. But once you back up the conversations, this is no longer the case. This has been a concern many privacy activists have raised in the past.

Well, it looks like that’s all about to change according to a report from WABetaInfo. The app researcher went ahead to share some screenshots that show how the new feature could work in the app.

“To prevent unauthorised access to your iCloud Drive backup, you can set a password that will be used to encrypt future backups,” reads the description on one of the screenshots shared by WABetaInfo. “This password will be required when you restore from the backup.”

The report goes further to claim that the update will likely be available for both Google Drive and iCloud Drive backups upon release. However, users should note that the shared screenshots suggest that WhatsApp will probably not be able to help recover forgotten passwords. It also looks like users will be required to enter their phone numbers to confirm password protection for their backups.

WABetaInfo also tweeted that local Android backups would also be compatible with the new update. This means you would also be able to apply password protection to the backups you’re saving locally on your Android device. WhatsApp does not allow local backups in the case of iPhones.

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