Swvl Resumes Its Commuter Services Along Various Nairobi Routes


Scheduled ride-hailing firm Swvl has announced the resumption of its commuter services in Nairobi. The company was forced to call off its operations amid the COVID-19 pandemic that forced Kenyans to work from home.

The shutter services are now returning along Ruiru, Ongata Rongai and Kikuyu to and from city centre routes.

Swvl chose to scale down its services in Nairobi as the pandemic disrupted normal life decreasing the number of its regular commuters heavily. However, it would seem reasonable that the Egypt-based company resume as life continues to gradually get back to what it was.

The firm’s popular city routes last year included Ruiru to the CBD/Upper Hill, Karen to CBD/Westlands via Upper Hill, Ongata Rongai to Westlands/CBD via Upper Hill, Ruiru to Westlands, Ndenderu to CBD/ Upper Hill, and Kikuyu to CBD/ Upper Hill.

Despite the halt of services, Swvl was quite busy last year as it launched a new carpool service meant to help reduce individual commuter costs. Additionally, the firm also confirmed its decision to keep the long-distance travel services that have been running for the last three months.

“During the pandemic period, we took our time to analyse the patterns and needs of commuters. We identified the areas of change and have used the information to advise our new innovations and the decision to fully restart our regular rides service across the city. Our aim is to ensure that we provide a service for every kind of commuter in the country,” said Swvl Kenya General Manager Dip Patel.

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