Swvl Reveals Plans To Launch New Carpooling Service


Commuters that still get to use Swvl on a daily basis to and from work and school will be glad to know that the company is set to launch a new carpooling service.

As we write this, the company began sending messages to its registered users about the new service and a link to a survey attached to it. Dubbed Swvl Premium, the service is meant to help commuters share a ride on specific routes at fixed timelines.

“At Swvl, we want to innovate the ways people move around Nairobi. We would like to introduce you to our new initiative Swvl Premium carpool service. With Swvl Premium, carpool commuters will be able to share a ride on a fixed route at a specified time and enjoy the comfort of a private car,” the survey from Swvl reads.

“We will bring a car closer to you and reduce walking time to your pickup and transport you safely to where you need to be.”

We would assume that the survey is meant to be a guide in the timelines and routes that the company will be setting up on the app as the service develops. Any further information would be available once we get to contact the company and know when it’s planned to launch. But it is definitely a welcome move from the ride-hailing company.

The company has been quietly getting back to operation this year after scrutiny from Kenyan authorities. This began late last year when drivers were having their vehicles impounded over not having the licences to operate in such services. The firm was also accused of operating in the country illegally.

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  2. Not bad though , competition is now everywhere hope you will be able to pay for long distance services accordingly. Good luck

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