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Instagram Set To Launch Clubhouse-like Audio Rooms Feature


The last few months have seen a surge in apps like Clubhouse that bring in the aspect of live audio chat rooms. However, the clubhouse is currently limited to iOS and users can only access it if another user invites. These limitations are mostly why social media giants including Facebook and Twitter have chosen to take advantage of the opportunity and come up with their own audio chat rooms. Well, Instagram also appears to be working on live audio chat rooms wherein a host can add a bunch of other users during the live audio sessions.

This was reported by app researcher Alessandro Paluzzi who shared screenshots of the under-development Instagram feature on their Twitter account.

One of the screenshots shows a microphone icon right next to the camera icon suggests Instagram could integrate audio and video live rooms.

The feature was teased sometime last month during the announcement of Live Rooms. The photo-sharing platform noted that it is “exploring more interactive tools such as offering moderator controls and audio features that will be available in the coming months.”

While the functionality of the audio room is relatively new, the app is also set to get a feature that was reportedly first commissioned at least two years ago.

Other than the chat rooms, the Facebook-owned platform also plans to add a layer of security to chats that prevents anyone other than the users to interpret the communications even if they are intercepted. This feature is suggested to be under development by App Researcher Alessandro Paluzzi who did not share more information about the same.

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