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TikTok Launches Feature For Creators To Directly Respond To Follower Queries

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TikTok has officially begun rolling out a Q&A feature to all users across the world. The feature that was first noticed in January 2021, now lets users label comments as questions. This helps in simplifying the process for creators in identifying and answering any queries.

By simply tapping the square speech icon in the comment field, you will be able to submit any question you have for your favourite creator. This can also be done by sending the question directly through the link on the creator’s profile page. Creators can then choose to respond in a new video or with a written reply.

“On TikTok, one video can cascade into continuous learning and discovery,” reads the company’s blog post. “When you upload a video or go live, it’s only the beginning of spirited conversations that soon spill over into comment threads and lively stream chats.”

The feature works similarly to the existing “replying to comments with video” feature as creators can respond personally to questions. There is also no limit to the number of queries can receive, so some creators will surely be receiving tons. Luckily, they are not obligated to answer all or even any.

Additionally, all Q&As are gathered and kept on a separate page, allowing users to browse earlier sessions and submit new inquiries. The feature will also be available during live streams, giving producers the ability to quickly see the requests in a separate panel.

“Questions and answers are a big part of conversations on TikTok,” the social network said. “Viewers ask questions to learn more about a creator and dive deeper into content, and creators answer audience questions to connect directly with their communities.”

Some would say that the feature is pretty identical to what Instagram has on its Stories feature, which it is. But it is pretty clear that no idea belongs to one company when it comes to social media platforms.

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