Huawei Plans To Start Making Its Own Electric Vehicles

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Chinese tech giant Huawei has decided to extend its tent beyond the normal telecommunication and gadget business to automobiles with electric vehicles being its new venture.

Reportedly, the company has been silently working on some models that could even be launched as soon as this year. Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd is currently in talks with state-owned Changan automobile and other automakers to use their car plants to make and assemble its own electric vehicles.

According to other sources close to Huawei, the firm is also in discussions with Beijing-based BAIC Group’s BluePark New Energy Technology to manufacture its EVs.

The manufacture and sale of EVs are currently at the highest level with American firm Tesla leading the way. This growth has seen other huge automakers known for the traditional fuel-powered vehicles invest more into EVs. Despite the slow adoption of these vehicles, it is clear that electric vehicles are the future as the world continues to fight climate change.

But it is also interesting to see a tech firm take this risk into the manufacture of EVs. The project seems pretty serious as the firm has started internally designing the vehicles and approaching suppliers with the aim of officially launching it this year.

One source goes ahead to report that Richard Yu, head of Huawei’s consumer business will shift his focus from the smartphone department to EVs.

This development comes shortly after other tech companies have been reported to plan on similar projects. Apple was among the first until Sony shocked the world at CES 2020 with its own EV prototype that is still under works.

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