Instagram Now Let’s You Restore Deleted Photos and Videos

Deleted Photos Instagram
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Once in a while, many of us fall into an abyss of solitude and we want the world to know we are not feeling too well. Best way to do this is clear out your social media not caring about the memories we made. Fortunately, 2 weeks later, you’re feeling better and now you are sad you deleted those photos from Instagram.

The case may not be the same for everyone. You might delete pictures accidentally or for a totally different reason. Whatever the story behind it, there’s almost always some piece of regret not too long after. Now Instagram is giving you 30 days of ‘thinking’ time to decide whether or not you want to delete your pictures permanently.

Deleted Photos on Instagram

When you delete photos and videos from your Instagram account, they will now be moved to the new Recently Deleted folder. It works for both feed posts and instastories.

Photos, videos, reels, IGTV videos and stories you choose to delete will be removed from your account immediately and moved to the Recently Deleted folder.

Your deleted Instagram stories will remain in the folder for up to 24 hours. Pictures and videos will follow suit after 30 days.

Here’s how to access the photos once you delete them or your regret dawns on you;

  1. Head over to Settings
  2. Then Account
  3. Finally, Recently Deleted in the Instagram app

It works for both Android and iOS devices. They even add some extra security and steps to keep you from making mistakes. Before you can permanently delete or restore a post from Recently Deleted, you will have to verify your identity.

This is either via text or email. Instagram says this will ensure hackers aren’t able to permanently delete content from an account. However, you won’t have to verify your identity to access the Recently Deleted folder.

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