Deezer Drops Price to KES 330 For Kenyan Users

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France-based music streaming platform Deezer has been gaining popularity in the Kenyan scene for a couple of years. Now, it looks like the company is looking to gain even more subscribers.

Deezer released a statement earlier today to its Kenyan users to announce a price cut on its Premium Plan. “Good news for our Deezer users in Kenya, we’ve reduced the prices of our plans!” the notice said.

The high-end package will now cost users in the country $2.99 (about KES 330) instead of the $4.99 (about KES 440) that was the initial charge. According to Deezer, users will see the new pricing updated automatically to their next bill if they are Premium subscribers.

The platform that has been deemed as a viable competitor to Apple Music in Kenya might now be even more feisty. This is because the platform is now among the cheapest international music streaming service offering a similar array of soundtracks.

Nevertheless, Apple Music still continues to be the cheapest as it charges $1.49 (about KES 164) per month for varsity students only if they provide verification. The family packages on the American platform also provide similar charges for each subscriber that share the plan.

On the other hand, Deezer also has a Family Plan that costs $4.49 and Deezer HiFi that features 16 bit FLAC quality tracks for $4.49 a month. The French streaming service also a yearly package similar to that of Apple Music that costs $29.90 a year. This did also drop from $59.88 as charged previously.

This competition does end up with Kenyan users benefitting from these charge drops. But it also entices us to see what kind of rivalry likes of Spotify and Tidal will bring in once (or if) they launch in Kenya.

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