How Much Can You Buy The iPhone 12 For in Kenya?

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It’s been a couple of months since the grand launch of the iPhone 12 series. And despite the time, it is reasonable to say that the hype around the flagship lineup from Apple is still felt across the world. This includes the Kenyan market where third-party retailers are still shipping units into the country.

To be fair, the ballyhoo is reasonable considering the series offers four models that are very distinct in what they offer. This begins with the iPhone 12 Mini that has been gaining some steam for some time now despite being the smallest of the bunch.

When it comes to the high-end models, there is just too much to talk about as they offer impressive performance both as daily drivers and portable media machines.

So, here’s what they cost and a couple of places where you can get them in Kenya:

iPhone 12 Mini

PhonePlace Kenya- KES 97,600- KES 113,000 (64GB/128GB/256GB)

Phones & Tablets Kenya- KES 97,500- KES 113,000 (64GB/128GB/256GB)

Gadget World- KES 107,000- KES 110,000 (64GB/128GB)

iPhone 12

PhonePlace Kenya- KES 103,000-KES 132,000 (64GB/128GB/256GB)

Phones & Tablets Kenya- KES 108,000-KES 128,999 (64GB/128GB/256GB)

Gadget World- KES 110,000- KES 113,000 (64GB/128GB)

Elite Digital Solutions- KES 115,970

Salute iWorld- KES 115,970

iPhone 12 Pro

PhonePlace Kenya- KES 150,000-KES 203,000 (128GB/256GB/512GB)

Phones & Tablets Kenya- KES 150,000-KES 190,000 (128GB/256GB/512GB)

Gadget World- KES 155,000- 180,000 (128GB/256GB/512GB)

Elite Digital Solutions- KES 165,034

Salute iWorld- KES 165,000

Pro Max

PhonePlace Kenya- KES 170,000-KES 215,000 (128GB/256GB/512GB)

Phones & Tablets Kenya- KES 172,000-KES 229,000 (128GB/256GB/512GB)

Gadget World- KES 170,000- 245,000 (128GB/256GB/512GB)

Note: There are more stores, both online and physical, where you can get some of these models. However, it is pretty clear that the prices will be around the ranges above. So, you might want to use these segments as a point of reference.

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