Nation Launches Crosswords, Sudoku and Puzzles On Its Online Platform


For more than 50 years, Nation has been carrying crosswords and Sudoku on its print and e-papers and is now extending the Puzzles product online. The NMG now plans to leverage the growing Internet traffic and its websites to monetise online audiences into sustainable revenue.

What Are Nation Puzzles?

Nation Puzzles

It’s a new feature that will contain a variety of games from the iconic Nation daily newspapers. Namely;

  1. daily crosswords
  2. sudoku
  3. word searches

In the words of Group chief executive Stephen Gitagama, they are designed to give the audience and registered members a fresh way to challenge themselves and stimulate their minds.


Mr Gitama also notes

“We believe that delivering these digital interactive puzzles experience on Nation Africa will propel us to a new frontier of growth. It will also foster deeper connections with our customers.”

Dear readers, here you find our daily puzzles. We add new ones every day, inspired by the news and more, however, they require you to register for a Nation account. Good luck solving them! ~ Nation

You can be ‘part of this journey’ by logging into the website Nation Puzzles.

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