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TikTok Adds New Feature To Help Epileptic People Avoid Photosensitive Content

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TikTok has revealed its plans to roll out a new feature that will help users who have epilepsy avoid potentially dangerous photosensitive content. Regular video creators on the platform would already be aware of a warning feature in case their uploads contains effects that could potentially trigger photosensitive epilepsy. However, this new feature is meant to make users aware as well of any similar effects.

The app will also have a toggle in the accessibility settings for users to switch the feature on or off.


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Video content that involves flashing lights and colours can trigger seizures, so it is vital for people to be able to control what they’re able to see. This is especially important for a platform like TikTok where content is actively pushed to users through an algorithm. In fact, the feature is quite new as TikTok is the first platform to take a step in helping people who have epilepsy avoid potentially dangerous content.

The company has reportedly been working with various epilepsy organisations across the world who, in turn, have been providing feedback on how to make the app safer for all.

This new feature comes about two months after the same platform introduced a new policy that bans ads that seems to promote body shaming.

The company revealed this in a statement saying that it will also place restrictions on ads that promote claims on stuff like diets and other weight management products. According to the new rules, such ads will only be able to reach users aged 18 or above. Further curbs have also been put in place to “limit irresponsible claims made by products that promote weight loss management or control.”

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