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Twitter Plans to Develop A Live Audio Group Chat Feature

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It is quite clear that Twitter has been looking for ways to transform into a more media-based platform. This began with the Voice tweets and DMs and this week saw the launch of the infamous Stories feature dubbed Fleets. Similar to what we see now in almost every site, the product allows users to post ephemeral content that disappears in 24 hours.

Now, it has been revealed that Twitter plans to test out an audio-based social networking feature. Users of a controversial app Clubhouse can relate to this as the feature is more popular on that platform.

Thew new audio spaces are meant to let users gather for live conversations with another person or a group of people. The feature is one that has faced lots of moderation challenged on Clubhouse due to the nature of live audio.

Twitter, on the other hand, is one that has been developing new features and policies to fight online abuse but still faces challenges to this day. Features like hiding replies and the newer conversation controls have still not proven to be as effective in curbing harassment on the site.

So, it is more likely that live audio will see Twitter get more criticism as it is more difficult to moderate that text-based posts. Luckily, the feature will not just roll out to everyone first as testing will see a small group of people get it and provide users feedback to the company.

β€œIt’s critical that we get safety right β€” safety and people feeling comfortable in these spaces. We need to get that right in order for people to leverage live audio spaces in the ways we might imagine or in the ways that would be most helpful for them,” explained Twitter Staff Product Designer Maya Gold Patterson, when introducing the feature in a briefing for reporters.

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