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Twitter Stories (Fleets) Are Now Available to Everyone: Here’s How They Work


Earlier this year, we noted that Twitter was testing something new. Well, Twitter stories are available now to everyone and they are calling them, Fleets.

Twitter Stories

In technical terms, Fleets are ephemeral tweets, meaning they disappear after 24 hours and they don’t get posted on your feed. Instead, fleets work exactly as IG Stories do. They exist in/on your profile. You can respond to fleets in the form of a DM or emoji reaction, but you can’t retweet or like fleets.


So Here’s How It Works

There will be a new interface that looks and works just like Instagram stories. To create a story, just tap on your own profile and viola, you can take a picture, write or use a gif to well, tell a story.

It’s basically a tweet, with 280 characters. You can include an image of a gif. It gets posted on your ‘Twitter Profile Photo’ and not on your main feed and it only lasts for 24hrs. It is also important to note that fleets are viewed on a vertical interface while Instagram stories are viewed horizontally.

Why Is Twitter Doing Stories (Fleets)

Well just like Instagram, Twitter wants to let users post only day-old information. However, the fleets can be shared as tweets once you fleet them. It’s a faster way to get all the information you need from a specific person rather than having to go through heir timeline.

I was sceptical when WhatsApp introduced stories. I don’t use them as much but I do appreciate those that use them. Memes and news updates are shared and received faster when it comes to stories. Most conversations start from stories and that reduces lengthy awkward moments.

Remember this is only a test and we are not sure if and when we will get them but we are ready for it.

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