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Tragic Tales of Kenyans Being Scammed on Jiji Kenya


As I was skimming through the Streets of KE Twitter, I came across a tweet depicting the scam artistry that is Jiji Kenya. For those who may not know, Jiji Kenya is an online selling platform formerly known as OLX. Personally, I have never bought anything from Jiji or OLX for that matter but the stories here are worth taking note of.

They include carefully planned schemes, scams, highway robbery and all the underground shenanigans you can think of. I took the liberty to section off the best ones that will make you think twice before ordering or selling on this site again.

Jiji Kenya Scams

A while back, OLX rebranded to Jiji Kenya. This move was arrived at as the company attempted to improve its customers buyer and seller experience. However, since then there have been claims and reports of clients and sellers being scammed of their money and possessions. Here’s where the thread begins;


From here on it was pretty much free-falling stories of customer and seller encounters. Here are the horror stories as a result of Jiji Kenya;

iPhone X Sale Goes South

In this episode of sales gone wrong, @wandech narrates the story of how a con artist made away with KES 40,000 when he tried to sell his beloved iPhone X.

In this case, we learn that you should not give the goods before the money is seen and you should not take them home. Unfortunately, even in public areas, no one is safe.

Car sale turns into a murder story

Finding your car on sale

Imagine you are looking for something to buy on Jiji and then you find your car on sale? This happened to one Moryn Mwende and her reactions to the whole ordeal are exemplary.

Now that we have a base, let’s look at the scam artists common traits as told by Chris Sambu when they came after him during a sale;

A few tips to never forget

Always check and test the item before you buy them

Never take them to your humble abode. Meet in a public place and with a third, fourth and fifth party if possible.

If possible, you may also want to buy goods that are attached to a physical shop.

Tell us about your encounters?

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