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Instagram Really Wants You To Start Watching Reels Videos

Instagram Reels
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TikTok’s predicaments are clearly one reason why Instagram saw it fit to introduce its new short-clip platform, Reels. And now that the Chinese site is about to be banned from the U.S., Instagram clearly wants to be the next big thing across the globe.

The Explore tab is now filled with video suggestions from Reels which has been criticised by many. But it is reasonable that the Facebook-owned site would want everyone to know what it’s really all about. Since its launch, it is clear that Reels has struggled to claim its own space to Instagram users. In fact, the platform still lives under TikTok’s shadow as most of the videos posted were from there.

A number of organisations like football clubs are beginning to use Reels as a fun way to interact with fans but it’s still not enough. Clearly, Instagram wants everyone to be as addicted to Reels as they were to TikTok.

For that, the site is introducing a special Reels button. The company has already begun to roll it out for Android users in India. This comes in place of the Explore button in the bottom bar. The Explore button has apparently been shifted next to the DM button on the top bar.

Obviously, this is a clever way by Instagram to get people to spend more time on Reels. But what Instagram should know is that TikTok is still operating in other countries outside India and the U.S. So, as much the two are some of the biggest markets, they still don’t make up the rest of the world.

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