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Twitter Rolls Out A New Dedicated Quoted Tweets Counter

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Twitter is officially rolling out an update that will be bringing in a new quoted tweets counter. This will let users see every time a given tweet has been retweeted alongside a comment.

“Tweets about a Tweet add more to the conversation, so we’ve made them even easier to find,” the company said. This is also while highlighting that the new button will be placed between the existing “Retweets” and “Likes” labels.

The microblogging site has for a while been test running this feature but under different names and different user interfaces. One of the labels was “Retweets with Comments” rather than “Quote Tweets”. The platform had also been trying to hide the feature in a sub-menu instead of having it directly on the tweet. As it seems, that didn’t sit well with everyone.

While it’s been possible to search for quote tweets bu simply entering a URL in the search box, a dedicated button could make the process much more convenient. The feature will come in handy since so many people use the quote tweet function instead of replying directly to it. Hopefully, this could make it easier to follow these conversations.

The social network has lately been making a number of functionality and policy changes. This would include last week’s update that will see copy-pasted tweets receive less reach than usual. This, according to Twitter, is in a bid to help the original tweets be more visible and deservedly so.

All these changes among more are meant to make Twitter an efficient site and even safer in comparison to other platforms.

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