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Twitter’s New Feature Will Kill Off KOT’s Annoying Behaviour

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We have often seen users on Twitter that like to take advantage of some famous tweets in order to get some clout. This is often done by simply copy-pasting the exact words and posting them as their own. Unfortunately, these reposted tweets tend to get even more visibility than the original tweets themselves. But Twiter has planned for all that to change.

The social network today announced that an update to its policies that will ensure the reposted tweets are seen by as fewer people as possible. This would be seen as an action for the greater good but one that will surely hurt an obnoxious behaviour seen a lot on Twitter’s KOT sphere.

“We’ve seen an increase in ‘copypasta,’ an attempt by many accounts to copy, paste, and Tweet the same phrase. When we see this behaviour, we may limit the visibility of the Tweets,” the statement from Twitter Communications read.

However, Twitter made it clear that they do not block or limit any content bases on an individual’s opinions. This would only be done if the tweets actually violate one of the rules put in place.

Other than the “copypasta” situation, tweets that are reported or detected as abusive have their reach limited as well. According to Twitter, this could even end up in the temporary or permanent account suspensions.

Additionally, content that seems to break laws applicable in certain countries is also subject to the axe.

We have also seen Twitter being quite ruthless by flagging and completely hiding tweets that spread misinformation and hate speech. President Trump would be one of the most relatable users to this new policy. Despite threats, the microblogging site has surely stayed true to its word.

However, we would love to see these rules implemented perfectly especially in the Kenyan Twitter circle. After all, we still see all types of tweets posted with no particular consequences to this day.

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