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Huawei 5G
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Trust in cybersecurity has become a major global concern as the world becomes more digital. This premise led to Huawei testing their 5G network through the GSMA’s Network Equipment Security Assurance Scheme (NESAS). 

Now it’s safe to say that Huawei’s 5G wireless and core network equipment has passed the test. The core network represents 5G RAN gNodeB, 5G Core UDG,UDM,UNC,UPCF and LTE eNodeB.

This might sound a little confusing right? Let me break it down for you…

Huawei 5G Passes Assurance Scheme

Let’s first try and understand what NESAS is.

What is NESAS

NESAS is a standardized cybersecurity assessment mechanism jointly defined by GSMA and 3GPP. This is together with major global operators, vendors, industry partners and regulators. (It’s basically an audit firm for tech security)

What Does it Do?

It simply but conclusively provides an industry-wide security assurance framework. This framework then facilitates improvements in security levels across the mobile industry. Now here’s where Huawei comes in.

Being a voluntary scheme, network equipment vendors can subject their product development and lifecycle processes to a comprehensive security audit. That’s what Huawei has done.

I can now assume we’re on the same page.

The product is audited against the currently active NESAS release and its security requirements. If you are looking for the results, the summary NESAS assessment can be found here.

How it works
  • GSMA NESAS ensures that the relevant equipment meets the Scheme’s 5G network security requirements. The integrated assessment process avoids fragmented assessments all while improving the transparency of security.
  • The framework covers 20 assessment categories. This helps define security requirements and an assessment framework for 5G product development.
  • Additionally, it uses security test cases defined by 3GPP to assess the security of network equipment.

Devin Duan, Head of 5G E2E Cybersecurity Marketing, Huawei had this to say:

“GSMA NESAS is the latest approach in assessing the network security of mobile communications. In the 5G era, NESAS provides a standardized and effective cybersecurity assessment. This allows the communications industry to ensure fairness.

The Assessment is also a valuable reference for stakeholders, such as operators, equipment vendors etc. Huawei has always focused on technology-driven cybersecurity.

We welcome NESAS with full support and collaboration. We also invite the entire industry to jointly promote the development of a more aligned mobile communications market.”

The company says it believes that trust must be based on verifiable facts, and, in turn, based on shared standards.  Huawei supports GSMA and 3GPP in developing a global standardized security assessment. NESAS promotes this concept, and as such, Huawei urges the industry to widely adopt NESAS.

Notably, Huawei also passed the 5G cybersecurity test by China’s IMT-2020 (5G) Promotion Group.

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