Safaricom Discontinues Their Platinum Package. Here’s Why

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Effective 30TH August, 2020, Safaricom plans to end its platinum subscription plans. The package with four plans at different prices looks like it was not a hit with resident Safaricom users.

Safaricom Platinum

Safaricom Platinum Shuts Down

The package was introduced as a way of reaching the high value subscribers by offering them all-inclusive subscription plans. However, since the release in 2018, several other packages have rendered it null and void.

Safaricom subscribers to the platinum package have been receiving an alert with regards to this move. It states;

” Dear Customer, Platinum Plans will not be available from August 30th 2020.” It goes on to advise them to switch to their all-in-one bundle packages instead.

So Where Did it All Go Wrong?

There are a couple of reasons why this package did not bode well with others. For instance, the introduction of different packages throughout the year. Like the All-In-One bundles that offer users pretty much the same benefits but at a much more affordable price.

We can even bring in the Postpay option. The service is a big hit with many users and could be the reason why Platinum is not working out so well.

Safaricom is yet to fully confirm why this is happening but we can assume that time is just the enemy of this package. There was also a lot of confusion in terms of how you could sign up to the package.

You could do this through the Shortcode *544 or through the app. Unfortunately, Android Kenya notes that not many understood the difference between the two packages and this led to quite the misunderstanding.

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