iPhone 12 Expected To Still Cost More Than iPhone 11 Despite Lacking Accessories

iphone 12
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Remember when we were suggesting that iPhone 12 has a higher chance of being cheaper than its predecessor? Well, you might want to scrap all that for now. One of the latest stories about iPhone 12 has been claims that Apple will not include earpods and a charger.

One major positive side to all this has been expectations that Apple might choose to sell the upcoming series at a lower price compared to the iPhone 11. However, an analyst has come out to claim that this might not be the case.

Jeff Pu released a research note saying that the iPhone 12 might go for at least KES 5000 ($50) higher. According to Jeff Pu, the increased cost will be attributed to the upcoming 5G support and OLED screen. The iPhone 11 lineup, on the other hand, only packs LCD displays and no 5G connection.

In the report by MacRumors, Jeff adds on that the 5.4-inch iPhone 12 model will start at about 80k internationally. This is the base model of the series that has been reported to have four variants this year.

Based on the analysis, MacRumors goes further to suggest that the 6.1-inch version of the series might cost 85k. Keep in mind that these are global launch prices meaning that this will definitely go higher once they are shipped to the Kenyan market.

The main question would obviously be how this will fair on with the Apple faithful. Will it be the price or the fact that accessories will be a thing of the past that bothers them? Surprisingly. Jeff believes that none of this will cause a drop in demand. You should, however, note that none of this has been confirmed, so there is no need to panic…yet.

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