Tinder Introduces Video Calls Feature As A Solution To 2020 Dating Problems

Tinder Video Chats

The full impact of the pandemic on dating will likely be seen later this year. If lockdown orders stay in effect around the world, it’s possible people will stop or ‘postpone’ dating until they can actually meet up in person. Tinder is introducing a major new feature today: video calls. Face to Face, as the company calls its own video chats, doesn’t require people to exchange private phone numbers and is rolling out as a test in 13 countries.

Tinder Video Calls

Tinder says that Face to Face differs from other video chat features in a few ways.

  1. For one, both people have to opt into the call to make it happen.
  2. Before calling, both people have to agree to keep the call PG. According to Tinder, that means no nudity or sexual content and no references to hate speech, violence, or illegal activities.
  3. Once the call starts, users will see the screen split in half. In this case, the caller can always see themselves as large as the person they’re contacting.

Tinder says they did this on purpose so people can make sure they still look good. Also, this way, they aren’t showing anything in the background they might not want to be broadcasted.

The Stats

Match provided updates on its brands’ performance during the COVID-19 pandemic. It says it’s seen an increase in the average Tinder swipes each day. According to Match, Daily active users (DAU) and daily Swipes reached all-time highs in the depths of the crisis.

Most notably, the biggest increase in usage and activity on Tinder is coming from female users under the age of 30. Daily average Swipes have increased by 37% for this demographic in the month of April.

Female usage and engagement is a key driver for a dating product’s success. We are constantly trying to improve these metrics. This shift in female behaviour is an extremely positive development for our ecosystem.

Twitter Video Calls

Taking Dating To A Digital Level

Harassment and abuse could be difficult to screen for on video, as opposed to text-based messaging. However, the team is said to be building its own offensive image detection system.

Tinder is confident that demand for human connection will never dissipate and remain committed to fulfilling that need. This period of social isolation would have been much direr for single people if not for our products.”

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