In The Middle of a Pandemic, Tinder Wants You To Hook Up with Users Outside Your Region

tinder passport-coronavirus pandemic
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Tinder is now recognising that daters might want to connect with people even more during the COVID-19 pandemic. So, starting this coming week, the dating site is making its premium Passport feature free for all its users. The waiver is meant to last through April 30th.

Passport allows people to pay in order to swipe everybody including users located abroad. It usually costs money to access through either Tinder gold or Tinder Plus.

So in a statement, Tinder clarified that this is an initiative to help users widely without any geographical limitations, now that most are locked in their homes.

“Our hope is that our members can use the Passport feature to transport themselves out of self-quarantine to anywhere in the world. They can check in on folks in their hometown, college town, or sister city, and find those across the world who are going through the same things. And if nothing else, they can learn how to say “hey” in another language,” Tinder added.

So, with Passport now readily available, every user can search by city or drop a pin anywhere on the map to start swiping there.

Separately, other dating sites have also created features to make sure their users can connect. This includes live streaming platforms where daters can now see each other as they would normally on other social media sites.

It is clear by now that people have been forced to self-isolate across the globe in a bid to reduce the chances of spreading the pandemic. And with more Kenyans getting to the same situation, you can understand why this would be necessary for anyone that needs to still have some sense of human interaction.

You should, however, note that Tinder’s intention is not to have people now physically meet when they are required to be completely isolated.

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