Samsung To Sell Smartphones Without Chargers In The Near Future

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The title of this article is most probably familiar to you by now. This is because last week was headlined by a similar story about claims of the upcoming iPhone 12 shipping without any accessories.  This includes the charger and the popular earpods. But that would never happen to Android phones most of all Samsung, right? Well, you might want to rethink that.

A new report from South Korea, Samsung’s home market, now states that something similar is set to happen to Samsung. Samsung is clearly one of the best selling smartphone companies globally with a variety of line-ups.

But letting go of the charger from a number of its lineups is set to benefit the company with cost reductions. This would likely benefit the users by reflecting lower prices for some of its more affordable devices.

This is, however, a decision that is currently under the discussion in the company. If it gets to a consensus, we will start to see a number of smartphones ship without chargers probably from next year.

Unlike the iPhone that has its own niche market, this would not be such a big loss for users around the world. We have had chargers for pretty much as long as we have had phones. Some would even admit that they have more chargers than devices. Moreover, the fact that Samsung makes Android phones makes the situation less scary. The USB-C cable that you charge your OPPO phone with can pretty much charge the new Samsung phone.

This does not mean that Samsung would officially stop selling chargers as separate accessories. After all, many users don’t like using third-party chargers so Samsung would gladly take that money.

What is clear is that this might soon become a trend across the industry if it comes to pass.

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